Life from information processing perspective

  How life constructs itself

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Life constructs itself using few simple rules of information processing.

On the one hand, there is a set of rules determining how such basic chemical reactions as transcription, translation and catalysis proceed. These rules are well known.

On the other hand, there is a set of rules determining how these basic chemical reactions couple forming the information processing networks of growing complexity. These rules are new.

Constructing itself, life arranges basic chemical reactions – transcription, translation, and catalysis – in strong hierarchy of life patterns shown in the table:






Life pattern …

… is roughly equal to


Genome diversification network

General cell progression (living world or biosphere)


Genome multiplication network

Individual cell progression


Genome expression network



Gene expression network


These patterns of information processing capture the immense complexity of the living world and must be constructed to reconstruct life in any medium.

How life constructs itself (PDF, 72KB)
How to construct life in silico (PDF, 350KB)
Supplementary material contains files with source code and executable machine code (
ZIP, 1,76MB)

Additionally, there are also rules determining how cell associations construct themselves during life history of some genome multiplication networks (individual cell progressions) and how highly regular patterns of  differential genome expression emerge.

How cell associations construct themselves (PDF, 505KB)
How mammalian body constructs itself (PDF, 788KB



Nikita Tirjatkin